Repair Service

The Auden / Gordon Smith workshop began life as a repair / set up shop for gigging guitarists across the midlands.  As the business has grown into guitar building we still carry out lots of service work every week – from refrets, and rewires to refinishes and repairs.

If the service you need isn’t listed then please get in touch and we can arrange a quote for you.

We can arrange collection and delivery all over the UK and while your guitar is with us it is fully insured and stored in a secure room that is both humidity and temperature controlled.

Set Up
– Re-String £20
– Basic Set Up (1 Hr) £40
– Full Set Up £70
– Fret Dress & Set Up – £105
– Replacement Nut £45

Refret (includes Set Up)
– Nickel Silver £190
– Evo Gold £220
– Stainless Steel £240

Bound Finger Board +£45

Electric (includes Set Up)
– Shielding (Paint) £70
– Shielding (Copper Tape) £90
– Pick Up Wiring £70

– Headstock Crack (Glue) £75
– Headstock Break (Splint) £140

Saddle Replacement (includes Set Up)
– Bone £60
– Composite £50

– Price dependent on requirement from £150

All prices subject to change upon sight of the instrument.