Repair Service

The Auden / Gordon Smith workshop began life as a repair / set up shop for gigging guitarists across the midlands.  As the business has grown into guitar building we still carry out lots of service work every week – from refrets and rewires to refinishes and repairs. Please note we only work on Gordon Smith, Auden, and FGN guitars.

If the service you need isn’t listed then please get in touch and we can arrange a quote for you.

We can arrange collection and delivery all over the UK and while your guitar is with us it is fully insured and stored in a secure room that is both humidity and temperature controlled.

Set Up
– Re-String £20
– Basic Set Up (1 Hr) £40
– Full Set Up £70
– Fret Dress & Set Up – £105
– Replacement Nut £45

Refret (includes Set Up)
– Nickel Silver £190
– Evo Gold £220
– Stainless Steel £240

Bound Finger Board +£45

Electric (includes Set Up)
– Shielding (Paint) £70
– Shielding (Copper Tape) £90
– Pick Up Wiring £70

– Headstock Crack (Glue) £75
– Headstock Break (Splint) £140

Saddle Replacement (includes Set Up)
– Bone £60
– Composite £50

– Price dependent on requirement from £150

All prices subject to change upon sight of the instrument.