GS1-60 body
GS1-60 body
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Humbucker Pickup

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The legendary GS Humbucker pickup.

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Hand wound in the GS workshop in Higham Ferrers, UK.  Our legendary humbucker is available to buy to fit into you GS or to upgrade any other electric guitar.

2 reviews for Humbucker Pickup

  1. des

    1997 GS1 – the p/up is great, clear articulate with unusually clear highs for a bucker – the coil tapped sound is airy and bright and I tend to use it more esp with pedals. More gretsch than (muddy muffled) Gibson and all the better for that.

  2. Des

    been spitting out rock n roll since 1997 and going strong – the bucker bright and articulate, the split (or tapped?) coil is open and almost acoustic sounding. in both settings, it cleans up superbly with lower volume. the cover looks a bit cheap and plasticky to be honest, but this a very very musical p/up with a ton of tonal options

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