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Congratulations on your
Gordon Smith guitar

Welcome to the Gordon Smith Family

Today you have not only received your hand-crafted Gordon Smith Guitar, you have also become a member of the Gordon Smith family. Together, our love for music and creation keeps the Gordon Smith tradition of UK guitar building alive and thriving.

Together on a journey

Our passion for the craftsmanship and skill that it has taken to create your guitar does not stop at the completion of the build, it remains with the guitar throughout its life. Enjoy your instrument for what it was built for… Playing! You can sleep soundly knowing that no matter what happens on your guitar’s journey, we’ll be here to make sure it always performs at its best.
(see warranty details here)

Activate your warranty

Once activated, your new Gordon Smith guitar comes with a lifetime warranty against any manufacturing defect for as long as you own the guitar. Please submit your details to activate the warranty and allow us to keep you up to date with all things Gordon Smith.

Part of Something More

We are driven by people!

We enjoy being a part of something bigger than our workshop. We know that it is the Gordon Smith community, their ideas and their passion that supports us in what we do.

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Thank You

We have enjoyed working alongside you with your hand-crafted Gordon Smith Guitar.

Once you’ve registered your warranty, we’ll send you a Certificate of Authenticity in the mail along with some genuine Gordon Smith goodies.

Doug Sparkes - Director - Gordon Smith Guitars
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Doug Sparkes

Tell a Friend

We know, if you haven’t already, you will take a photo of your brand new instrument. Why not share your new guitar on social media? Add a hashtag of #gordonsmithguitars or #gordonsmithunboxed and we’ll be able to see and share your posts. Once you have registered your warranty, we shall send you our showroom photos of your Gordon Smith Guitar.

Let your guitar playing mates know all about Gordon Smith and your hand-crafted guitar.

Visit the workshop 

Your new Gordon Smith guitars come with an invite to the workshop and showroom where you can; meet the team, see all the build processes the guitars go through, and experience the extensive range of Gordon Smith guitars.