GSG Standard Replacement Parts

Listed below are replacement parts. All prices are UK carriage paid. Contact us by email for payment details and availability. Email [email protected]

Single Coil Pickup £59.00
Humbucker Pickup £75.00
P90 pickup £102.00
Humbucker mounting ring £2.25
Wrapover Bar Bridge £17.50
GSG Adjustable Bridge £50.00
Tunamatic Bridge £17.50
Posts for Bridge (complete with inserts) £6.00 (pair)
Saddles for Adjustable Bridge (Set) £13.50
Machine heads (Set) £38.85
Tremolo Unit £84.00
Control Pot £6.00
Switched Control Pot £8.00
3 Way Toggle Switch £7.00
Control Knobs (each) £2.20
Jack Socket £2.80
Jack plate £2.20
Endpins (pair) £1.40
Blank Nut (Brass). *Can only be supplied uncut.* £9.00
GS1 Scratch Plate. ** See Note. £ N/A
GS2 Scratch Plate. ** See Note. £ N/A
Trem Arm (only) £13.00
Trapeze Tailpiece (Galaxy) £33.00
GS1 Wiring loom £24.62
GS2 Wiring loom £37.24
Dot Markers (Set of 10 – mother of pearl). £4.00

** As all our guitars are hand built, the scratchplates are hand made to fit at the same time. Therefore, although the dimensions will only be fractionally different, it is not possible for us to make a scratchplate which will be guaranteed to fit. However most good guitar shops will sell material that you can mark out and cut to fit yourself.


Non GSG Parts

If you have parts of your own that you would like us to fit, we will under most circumstances be more than happy to oblige.

Discount for GSG parts not used

We will of course allow a discount which will be equivalent to the retail cost of the GSG part not used, less a charge for work involved in fitting the non GSG part. See lists below for the discounts allowed for fitting.

Single Coil Pickup £30.96
Humbucker Pickup £45.33
Wrapover Bar Bridge £9.10
Fully Adjustable Bridge £32.78
Machine heads (Set) £27.32
3 Way Toggle Switch £3.64
Control Knobs £0.73
Jack plate £0.64
Endpins (2) £0.54
Tunamatic Bridge £9.10