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-Do you supply spares?
Depends on model, but normally yes. Contact us for more information or look around to find what you need.
-Can you retrofit your vibrato?
Depends on model, but normally yes.
-My guitar is old but still plays great. But I’d like to clean it up a bit. Any suggestions?
Your local music shop will have polishes and oils etc. But if you're stuck in the house with an hour to spare and it's too far to bother. Gloss finish: just whip out the Household polish (Mr Sheen etc) and a nice soft cloth, bit of elbow grease and you're away. Satin finish: Damp cloth is all it needs. Oh, and the elbow grease. Rosewood fingerboard: Lemon oil. OK, might not have that in the cupboard. Maple fingerboard: Damp cloth again.
-What is the build time?
This depends on model and how full the order book is.  Presently GS models are approx 12 weeks, Graduates, Ghostriders etc 14/16 weeks.
-What is the difference in sound between say a Gibson SG® and a similar GSG?
With the tone set around 7-8, they are very similar. At 10, GS guitars are a little brighter. Overall string balance is a little better and coil tapping offers a wholly different spectrum.
-Are all GSG humbuckers coil tapped and what difference does this make to the sound?
Yes they are. The coil tap gives a thinner, brighter sound with reduced volume. Similar to a single coil.
-Is it true that GSG make a unique one piece maple neck with no ‘skunk stripe’? If so, how is this possible?
Answer to first question: Yes we do. Answer to second question: Our secret!
-What is the scale of the guitars? Nut width, Compound Radii and Fret size
Scale is 24.75 or 25.5, dependent on headstock style. Nut width typically 45mm (base of neck 54mm) and compound radii 12/14". Thickness of neck typically 21mm at first fret, 24mm at last fret. Fret size 1.5 x 2.5 mm. Distance between Bridge Post centres 3¼".
-Can I supply some of my own parts?
We are willing to fit customer supplied parts, within reason of course and as long as they are compatible. We won't actually start the build until all parts are received and we have checked them for suitability.
-Do you supply a case with the guitars?
No not as standard. We would have to add around £60.00 to the price of a guitar, which is a pointless expense for our customers if they already have a suitable case or a gig bag.
-What woods are the guitars made from and do I have a choice?
Necks are normally made from Mahogany or Maple. Fingerboards, Rosewood or Maple. Body wood can typically be Brazilian Cedar, Pine or Poplar, dependant mainly on the finish colour of the guitar. Yes you can choose and we will advise.
-What colours are available?
A good range of colours are available, as are natural wood finishes. If you want something a little different, we'll do our best to accommodate. But it may mean that we will ask you to supply your own paint. A ½ litre can of cellulose is plenty and easily obtainable from a good paint supplier. Metallics incur a 10% surcharge and we won't do custom paint jobs under any circumstances.
-What pickups do you use?
At Gordon-Smith we make our own pickups to suit our guitars and these are the only pickups we can recommend. However, we will fit other makes if you prefer and we are quite happy for customers to supply their own pickups. Obviously we will discount the price of the guitar to take this into consideration. We will advise if we think a particular pickup is unsuitable. Pickups spacing 50mm . Impedance 9.4 K-ohms.
-Do you build Twin necks?
Yes we do, not a problem. Basically the cost added together, of the two standard guitars which make up the twin neck.
-Do you build 12 Strings?
Yes. 12 string is available as an option on most models. The cost is currently £131.00 on top of the cost of the standard guitar.
-Do you make Acoustic guitars?
No we don't. We make semi solid guitars but not full acoustics.
-Do you build left handed guitars?
Yes we do and unlike most other makes we do not charge any extra on any of the models.
-Can you build me a customized guitar?
We are happy to discuss any project with you - just get in touch!