• Telecaster style guitar, Poplar bodied with single coil pickup at neck and single coil at bridge. Alternative pickup configurations available. Fitted with traditional bridge and control plate or GSG adjustable bridge unit. Option of GSG unique one piece Maple neck or Maple neck with Rosewood fingerboard, fitted with GSG precision machine heads. Available in all satin finish, standard finish i.e. gloss front with satin back, sides & neck, or all gloss. ’Thinline’ version also available (semi solid with ’f’ hole)

  • From £679

No-Cost Options

  • Right or left handed
  • Matching Headstock

Chargeable Options

  • Various pickup configurations
  • Various finishes (standard, gloss or satin)
  • New Volumax & Blacklab passive booster. (+ £80.00)
  • Classic T Thinline version (Semi Solid with 'f' hole)