• Classic style thinline guitar. Semi solid with 1 'f' hole, this beautiful guitar is made from Ash veneer to the front & back, Birch to the sides with Spruce centre block. 25.5" scale GSG unique one piece Maple neck with GSG precision machine heads. Typically set up with classic style bridge/pickup configuration with single coil at neck and chrome control plate, but various pickup/bridge options are available. (Timbers quoted are subject to availability, from this we may occasionally have to offer alternatives).
  • From £782

Models in this range

  • Classic T Thinline Satin finish from £782
  • Classic T Thinline Standard finish from £825
  • Classic T Thinline Full gloss finish from £867

No-Cost Options

  • Rosewood fingerboard
  • 24.625" scale length
  • Right or left handed
  • Matching Headstock

Chargeable Options

  • Adjustable Bridge. (+ £34.00)
  • GSG Vibrato. (+ £63.00)
  • Selected Veneer top. (+ £44.00)
  • New Volumax & Blacklab passive booster. (+ £80.00)