Who We are

Gordon-Smith Guitars are handcrafted guitars made in the small town of Partington near Manchester, UK. Established since 1974, it is the longest running contemporary guitar company in England.

Our Story

The company name is made up of the founding partners' names. ‘Gordon’ and ‘Smith’. Only the ‘Smith’ part of the partnership remains now; in the shape of John Smith. John turned a love of guitars allied with a lifelong obsession with fiddling with all things mechanical, into the UK’s longest continuous producer of guitars. From early on, John's wife Linda and associate Chris, were on board, adding their vital contributions and sheer hard graft.

John says "It's been nearly 40 years at this job now and we still love it as much as ever! I guess we can claim to be pretty consistent all the way through.

We've always aimed to put a really good tool for the job into the players hands. The right design with the right stuff in the right proportion. We're pretty innocent of flirting with wild shapes, off the wall layout's and wood that belongs on antique furniture.

We do hand build individual guitars for individuals and we like to think that our individuals are pretty regular guys i.e. we don't expect them to have 3 or 4 grand to spend, we do, nearly always, satisfy them at an affordable figure and we've got a few testimonials that would seem to indicate that we got the balance right.

Perhaps our only gripe is that despite our consistent work to this formula, some guys will aways say "oh I'm sure the finish is better on that 6 grand super strummer I saw"! Yeah could be, but the 5 grand change will buy you some real cool shades and then there will be no difference at all!

Guess we won't change now and hey, all of you, thanks for your input, seems you don't really want us to!"

The guitars have been the workhorses of many British/European pro and semi-pro bands for nearly 40 years and long may Gordon-Smith Guitars continue the tradition.

John Smith is a remarkable luthier and Gordon-Smith Guitars are fine examples of his craftsmanship.  They are attractive, solidly built, practical, well designed, simple and extremely playable.

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Gordon-Smith Guitars are to England as Gibson Guitars are to the USA

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Don’t judge us by what we say, judge us by what we build.